What is Delicious Doom?

Delicious Doom started as a fun side project but quickly evolved into a full business.  At the beginning we had very simple chocolates but as time went on, we added our Tombs (dipped fudge), our Amaraldi Line, infused chocolates, truffles, and more!  We plan to keep expanding and adding to our product line, with special event chocolates and new items all the time.

Who is the "Doombringer"?

Heather, the owner and founder of Delicious Doom, is the one that spends all her free time slaving in a hot kitchen to ensure these chocolates come out looking and tasting amazing.  As a joke, we felt the only one able to give Delicious Doom would be, in a word, a "doombringer".  The joke snowballed from there and the nickname lovingly stuck, now being used as a humorous addition to our product descriptions.

The Amaraldi Collection

Heather is the daughter of a well-known set of magicians known as "Charles and the Lady".  Her circus background and her own magic performances have been major parts of her life.  Sadly, in 2016, Heather's father passed away.  In memory of him, and his ability to push her to always accomplish dreams, the Amaraldi collection is both a tribute to her magical history, and a loving send-off to her father.